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Accolates & Awards

Recent Posts in Niobrara Shale Formation Category

Industry and Locals Battle over Fracking

The battle for the future of oil and gas drilling in the United States is playing out in Colorado as both the industry and environmental groups step up efforts to beat back the other side. Both sides ...
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Colorado Becomes Energy Battleground

As I reported last week, Boulder, Lafayette and Fort Collins passed measures with solid margins to suspend or ban the technique formally known as hydraulic fracturing. But a fourth community, ...
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Permit Bids Soar in Colorado

The new regulations by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), which went into effect by August 1, require wells to be at least 500 feet from the nearest occupied building, mandate ...
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Greeley Grapples with Drilling Near Residential Developments, Schools

Mineral Resources Inc. has received initial approval from the state of Colorado to set up drilling operations about 750 feet from Frontier Academy Elementary School. In Greeley – which sits at ...
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Niobrara Shale Drilling News

INFORMATION ABOUT NIOBRARA SHALE DRILLING The Niobrara Shale formation is composed of a large mass of shale rock, and is located in Northeast Colorado. Below the formation lies deposits of oil and ...
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