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Colorado Oil and Gas Law Attorney

Sound, customized contracts and documentation are essential if your property rights are to be protected. Behind the frustrations of a landowner devastated by environmental contamination or damage to their property is a weak, badly drafted, or poorly reviewed contract. If you or your family are signing an easement agreement, purchasing property or mineral rights, or if you stand to make a substantial sum of money as an owner of land with mineral resources, it is imperative that you protect your interests by seeking the help of a Colorado oil and gas law attorney who can consult with you regarding the deal as well as review all documentation and contracts related to the transaction.

If you are engaged in an oil or gas transaction, Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC can provide you with legal service that includes advising you as to the format and terms of the deal, as well as full review of all associated paperwork.

The Importance of Hiring an Oil and Gas Lawyer

Most oil and gas transactions consist of several steps or several parties. The mining company possesses drilling and development experience, and may possess the capital. The landowner possesses the land and the valuable minerals within it. If you are the landowner, it is important to know that you are at greater risk than the other parties, due to the possibility of land ruination. Hiring an attorney to consult with you regarding any transaction may lessen the risk that you are facing in any agreement that you engage in.

If you are intent on entering into an oil or gas transaction, contact a Colorado oil and gas lawyer who can help ensure that your contract is sound and possesses the minimum amount of risk.