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Easement to Transport Gas

Right of Way for Gas Transport

Because oil and gas are such highly valued natural resources, subject to great demand by the world's population, there is tremendous pressure for companies to discover new sources wherever they are and to make it possible by whatever means to extract and move the product to market. One of the most important areas of oil and gas law revolves around the establishment, sale and ownership of easements to transport gas, and if you have become involved in any type of dispute over such a right of way, you need the representation and guidance of a knowledgeable Colorado oil and gas law lawyer to protect your rights.

Oil and gas companies see this type of easement as one of the most vital components in their production and supply chains. Without the legal right to transport across the property of a private landowner, an otherwise profitable drilling site is often useless. You may currently be under an onslaught of pressure to grant or sell an easement for land use which you are unwilling to allow, or you might have been offered less than you deserve for the sale of the easement. Maybe an existing right of way has been exceeded in a breach of oil & gas development agreement, through excessive road construction or improper road maintenance. Whatever the case, you do not have to submit to the demands of a large corporation. You have rights as a property owner under law, no matter how overshadowed you may feel.

Oil and Gas Law Attorney in Colorado

The team at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC can help you with any type of legal matter surrounding an easement for gas transport. When the mining company fails to pay, is guilty of noise violations or when questions arise of hazardous waste and pollution issues, you should not have to live with this infringement on your rights. An attorney from our firm can provide you with document review and consultation about the case.

Contact a Colorado oil and gas law lawyer if you need help asserting your legal rights regarding an easement for the transport of gas across your property.