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Improper Road Maintenance

Colorado Oil and Gas Law Attorney

When a mining company leases mineral rights from a landowner, they are given permission to alter the land in order to effectively drill for minerals such as oil or gas. These alterations can include the digging of wells, the construction of well site pads, and the construction of access roads that lead to well sites. Most agreements between mining companies and landowners delineate terms regarding the proper use and maintenance of the land. This prevents the mining company from causing irreversible damage to the land that lowers the property value and may result in the landowner facing liability issues.

On occasion, a mining company will violate the terms of a surface use agreement as they attempt to procure oil and gas from the land. Violations come in all forms, including failing to maintain access roads, or maintaining them improperly. If you have entered into a mineral lease agreement with a mining company, and they have failed to maintain roads built on your land, it is recommended that you contact a Colorado oil and gas law attorney right away. If you have suffered losses as a result of the improper maintenance, an attorney can take legal action against the company in an effort to recover damages on your behalf.

Oil and Gas Lawyer in Colorado

At Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC, we are well-versed in the government compliance requirements for land use by oil and gas companies and mining companies. We are able to represent landowners who have sustained damages as a result of careless or negligent behavior on the part of these companies, and pursue compensation for the damages they have sustained. Contact our firm today about your improper road maintenance case. We can provide you with aggressive legal assistance if you live in Denver, Steamboat Springs, Vail, or Avon.

Contact a Colorado oil and gas lawyer if a mining company has failed to properly maintain the roads on your property and inflicted damages as a result.