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Land Marketing in Colorado

Marketing Oil & Gas Production

When landowners lease mineral rights to gas or oil companies, they are essentially allowing these companies to come onto their property and drill for minerals that will then be sold. In exchange for the right to do this, the companies then give a share of whatever profits are made from the sale of the minerals to the landowners. These shares are called "royalties".

Once drilling has commenced on a piece of land, all manner of science and engineering is applied to isolating any mineral deposits that might exist below ground, and obtaining those deposits for use or future sale. If minerals are "produced", the company, and any investors involved in the drilling, begin marketing the oil or gas found to interested parties. This marketing procedure is one of the most challenged and disputed aspects of drilling for minerals, as profits that are obtained from marketing efforts have an effect on the royalties that a landowner receives. If you are trying to resolve a legal issue that is related to the marketing of your land and the minerals found on it, contact a Colorado oil and gas law attorney who can increase your chances of obtaining the full royalties that you are entitled to.

Colorado Oil and Gas Law Attorney

Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC works to protect the rights of landowners throughout Colorado who are seeking fair payment for the minerals mined from their property. We urge you to contact our offices as soon as possible if you require legal help in a land marketing matter.

If you are seeking fair royalties from a gas or oil company who is marketing minerals drilled on your land, contact a Colorado oil and gas lawyer today.