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Noise Violations

Legal Action over Noise Violations

A frequently litigated matter in the area of oil and gas law in Colorado revolves around noise violations and the efforts of land owners to secure their rights to an undisturbed environment. If you are party to a surface use agreement with a mining or transport company and you feel that your rights have been violated by excessive road construction or practices involving heavy equipment or crews that create a nuisance, you should meet with a Colorado oil and gas law attorney who has an in depth understanding of this field and can effectively represent your interests. The negotiations of oil & gas leases usually include provisions for the fact that any type of mining activity will generate a certain amount of noise. When such an agreement has been exceeded or if you are being subjected to noise pollution without any type of compensating arrangement, you have recourse under law to pursue a remedy.

Oil and gas companies are usually very eager to commit to a land use agreement under whatever terms will allow the commencement of drilling operations as soon as possible. Unfortunately they are often less willing to comply with the stipulations of the drilling operating agreement. Even when they have an easement to transport gas or other such legal right of way, they are not immune to complaints of noise violations or hazardous waste and pollution issues. Any type of breach of oil & gas development agreement can expose the company to litigation.

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