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Surface Use Agreements in Colorado

Colorado Oil and Gas Law Attorney

A surface use agreement is a separate contract between a landowner and a mining/oil/gas company that addresses the company's surface activity on the land in question, as well as the area of disturbed acreage in constructing well site pads and access roads. A surface use agreement that has been properly arranged and negotiated will protect the landowner from liability issues, eliminate potential landowner surprise, and maximize the amount of property damage compensation that the landowner receives in the event that there is an accident or substantial damage done on the part of the mining company.

At Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC, we possess a team of experienced attorneys who are intimately familiar with oil and gas matters. We are able to provide effective representation to landowners who wish to negotiate favorable surface use agreements. If you intend to lease your land to a mining, or oil and gas company, and wish to consult with a Colorado oil and gas law attorney over the surface use agreement, contact our offices today.

The Benefits of Surface Use Agreements

Retaining the ability to develop a surface estate and avoid any associated liabilities is important for surface owners in the west, particularly those with property in the Niobrara Shale formation. Where oil and gas development is likely, a well-drafted surface use agreement can be the best way for a landowner to ensure that the value of their property is preserved.

If you require legal help in drafting or reviewing a surface use agreement, contact a Colorado oil and gas lawyer for an immediate consultation.