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Quiet Title of Mineral Interests in Colorado

Issues with Mineral Interests & Quiet Title Actions

If there is a dispute or lack of certainty over the title to mineral resources, a quiet title action is needed. Without this step, you may be unable to lease the minerals or receive royalties from producing acreage. Title issues can also arise over specific factors involved in mineral rights, severing & reservation of minerals. Some of the circumstances which may need to be prevented or addressed with a quiet title action include:

  • Unrecorded claims, errors in title registration or ambiguous title
  • Invalid conveyance of a property, for example, involving a forged deed or coercion
  • Government claims to title in lieu of taxes owed
  • States, municipalities, or private party disputes regarding boundaries
  • Competing claims in relation to missing heirs, lien holders, reversion and remainders
  • Land wrongfully occupied in relation to mineral rights
  • Rights obtained under a quit claim deed

A Colorado oil and gas law attorney can assist with these matters and what is sometimes referred to as a try title or trespass to try title. Clarifying and claiming title may occur without incident but if the matter is contested, will involve litigation.

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