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Oil & Gas Partnership Agreements

Contractual Agreements for Oil & Gas Drilling

Prior to the opening of any new oil or gas well, it is necessary for the mining company to engage in a variety of partnership agreements, each of which is governed by the complex workings of oil and gas law. Whether you are entering negotiations of oil and gas leases or if you already have an O/G lease, you know how vital it is for your partnership agreement to be solid and workable for each of the parties involved. There must be as little room for interpretation as possible, and it should be designed to bring the greatest possible benefit to everyone. A Colorado oil and gas law attorney who has extensive familiarity with the many common situations that arise in an oil & gas partnership agreement can help you draft a governing document with the best chances of standing up to any conflicts, should they arise.

Due to the extremely high value of oil and gas as commodities, legal disputes over ownership of land use, drilling costs and breach of oil & gas development agreements are common, and it is wise to prepare yourself by working with a knowledgeable attorney. Not only will your legal counsel be able to help you create an agreement with a solid foundation, you will also benefit from having experienced representation in case of legal action against the partnership, such as royalty disputes & litigation or complaints over hazardous waste and pollution issues. If you are the landowner in a partnership, you can defend your legal rights against noise violations and excessive road construction, as well as any other type of infringement.

Oil and Gas Law Lawyer in Colorado

In any matter involving an oil & gas partnership agreement, from the creation of the agreement to the modification, enforcement or dissolution of such a contract, you can turn to us at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC for knowledgeable advice and seasoned representation. Our clients come to us from all across Colorado, all to receive our support and guidance and to ensure that they receive what they deserve in the agreement.

Contact a Colorado oil and gas law attorney for advice and representation on any issue relating to an oil & gas partnership agreement.