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Has your agreement been breached?

An oil and gas deveopment agreement is an agreement designed to lock in a quick production of oil and/or gas in paying amounts. It transfers an interest in oil and gas to another party with the goal of making the mineral estate profitable to both parties. Do you have a development agreement that you believe has been breached? If so, at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC we can represent you in matters affecting a development agreement, and have an experienced Colorado oil and gas law attorney available who can answer your questions, review your agreement and offer advice as to your next steps. Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Breach of Oil and Gas Development Agreement

The goal of profitability is attained in oil and gas development agreements through the lessee's exploration, development and production of resources located in the leased property. While lease agreements are good to have, they can be a source of an assortment of legal disputes due to the number of express and implied obligations. Our widespread experience in royalty disputes and litigation spans all issues in lease agreements, from improper road maintenance to excessive road construction to noise violations. Some other issues include the following:

  • Surface use issues
  • Lease termination issues
  • Blowout-related claims
  • Breach of the implied land marketing covenant
  • Breach of drilling obligations
  • Bad faith pooling issues
  • Failure to protect the leasehold from drainage
  • Breach of the leasehold development duty
  • After production deduction from royalties claims

If hired as counsel in your agreement breach, we will provide skilled and experienced representation to safeguard your interests at every turn and help you achieve the outcome you are looking for in your case. Let us meet with you, examine the specifics of your lease and take charge from start to finish in your case.

To learn more about our full spectrum of services to clients in the gas and oil industry, we invite you to contact a Colorado oil and gas lawyer at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC.