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Negotiations of Oil & Gas Leases

Oil and Gas Leases in Colorado

Oil and gas leases are legal documents that bind mineral rights landowners. Negotiating one of these leases can be a complex, drawn out process. In most cases, a landowner is approached by the landman, a representative of a production company who has already researched the local area, established geological formations, and established the rate of production for other existing wells nearby. As a result, the basic groundwork for the lease has already been laid when the landman brings a lease to the landowner to be signed.

Any landowner considering signing a lease should contact a Colorado oil and gas law attorney who can thoroughly review the lease. The lease is a binding contract, so an attorney can isolate terms or proposals in the lease that the landowner may not agree with. The attorney can then negotiate with the production company for changes or adjustments to those terms. For example, if the terms regarding the payment of royalties is unacceptable to the landowner (as royalties can be and are paid in many different ways), then the landowner can have an attorney fight for a royalty arrangement that is much more favorable.

Colorado Oil and Gas Law Attorney

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