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Accolates & Awards

Colorado Pooling Agreements & Forced Pooling

Pooling Types and Related Issues

Pooling consolidates leased land with adjoining leased tracts and defines the allocation of costs and revenues amongst all parties concerned. While you benefit from combining all landowners' leases into one pool and using one common underground reservoir, it is vital the pooling agreement be drawn up correctly to protect you from potential liabilities. Types of pooled units include voluntary pooled units, forced pooled units, drilling units, proration units, fieldwide/enhanced recovery units and unique units detailed in lease agreements. A Colorado oil and gas lawyer can help you understand your options and address the particulars necessary to protect your operation and your company.

At Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC, we have extensive experience addressing pooling agreements and forced pooling actions, which can occur when you satisfy certain lease requirements per state law. Our firm can take care of the pooling order request and submission of required information, any necessary promotion of the hearing, mandatory notification of owners and represent you at the hearing. We will energetically pursue the best outcome regarding the cost formula ordered for the sharing of costs and revenues.

Colorado Oil and Gas Law Attorney

Our legal team can also advise as to how different types of pooling can affect the way leases are interpreted and applied and battle relentlessly for clauses which protect your rights and your project. Our firm is peer rated under the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating System and has also been named as Super Lawyers by Super Lawyer Magazine. Our attorneys recognize that each case is unique and work hard to deliver legal solutions to clients of all sizes with an interest in gas and oil industry operations.

For help with pooling agreements and matters of forced pooling, contact a Colorado oil and gas lawyer .