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Experienced Oil & Gas Lawyers - NATIONAL REACH, Local Commitment

According to Sustainable Business, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado banned natural gas fracking early last week in order to preserve the environment in the city. Now, the state authorities may be overturning their decision after they decided that it would not be beneficial for the rest of the state ot adhere to the Fort Collins standards. The governor of Colorado immediately threatened to sue Fort Collins after hearing about the situation and says that he will continue to seek litigation against them. Colorado’s Oil and Gas Association also plans to sue Fort Collins.

They Oil and Gas Association originally retracted a petition that had been allegedly signed by 55 local businesses that did not approve of the fracking ban. Even though they took this back, they are now agreeing to sue Fort Collins along with the rest of the state. On March 5th, the Fort Collins council will need to hold a final vote about the fracking ban. This will determine whether or not the ban can become a law.

Governor John Hickenlooper says that he will take any towns and cities to court that try to ban oil and gas drilling in their borders. He has already sued the city of Longmont for enacting a similar ban. Hickenlooper says that someone paid money to harvest the minerals under the city land, and it is not fair for the city to restrict people from benefiting from those resources. If you are currently involved in a fracking dispute in the state of Colorado, then you will want an attorney to come alongside you and argue on your behalf. If you want more information about fracking laws and need an informed opinion then hire an Colorao oil and gas attorney at Cantafio & Song PLLC today!

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