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Recently, one survey found voters throughout Colorado are for the development of oil and gas. In fact, 68% of Coloradoans state they would be more inclined to vote for a person who supports the development of such industries, according to the Colorado Petroleum Council, who performed the survey.

Sources state that because energy, through the production of gas and oil, drives the American economy, the industries have been a particular focus for people across the United States. Many believe that if Colorado chooses to focus on increasing efforts to develop these two industries, the state can create more jobs and increase economic growth.

From the survey, representatives of CPC understood the people of Colorado truly understand the energy policy. They grasp the idea that the more the state can produce domestic energy, the lower the cost of such resources will be for consumers throughout America.

What did the Survey Ask?

Harris Poll contacted 604 registered voters via telephone in Colorado between October 15 and 18. These Coloradoans were asked the following questions:

  • Whether or not they believed gas and oil were domestically important
  • Whether or not they would support increased oil and gas production throughout the United States
  • Whether or not they believed the federal government does enough to increase domestic gas and oil resource development
  • Whether or not they think United States oil and gas production could increase the number of jobs in America

The answers to these questions were as follows:

  • 83% of people believe increased access to such industries can improve the United States Economy
  • 83% believed it could build stronger energy security in America
  • 79% said it could decrease the energy costs of consumers in the US
  • 69% states it can strengthen America’s influence as a global energy power

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